Saturday, June 29, 2013

Paracord- The Jimmy Buffet Blog

I felt like Jimmy Buffet. I had blown out my flip flop.

We were on Ambergris Caye, Belize. It was early in our two week vacation and I hadn’t packed a spare pair of footwear since my Tevas were brand new. But damn, my ankle strap broke. The stitching just plain gave out.

I checked around the resort. Nobody had any heavy thread or a needle.

Now, I’m fine barefoot on sandy beaches and all, but this was a mix of coral, sand and shells. Not my idea of a good barefoot area.

So I re-checked what I had with me. I had paracord. I had a Swiss Army Knife. I channeled MacGyver.

Yeah, I know MacGyver was a pretty anti-gun show, but I couldn't help it. It was the Swiss Army Knife that did it.

So, to the point… paracord is good for more stuff than you could imagine.

 Need a field expedient clothes line in your rental condo? No sweat, string a length of paracord. Need to provide first aid for a sprain or a break? Paracord can be a part of a sling or can help immobilize a broken arm or leg. Stuck without food in the wilds? Paracord can be used as a snare or the inner strands can be used for fishing line.  Need to tie up the hoodlum you just immobilized with the 10% OC spray we sell? Yep, a few loops of paracord will handle that, too.

At A3 we now have bulk paracord and as always we have a good stock of paracord products.

For a close range defense item, check out the thumper. It is a paracord key fob with a steel ball bearing woven into the opposite end. A solid whack with it to the noggin of a hoodlum would certainly make him reconsider.

Available also are non-thumper key fobs for those for whom the thumper might be too much.

We have paracord woven bracelets as well. They’re great for wearing as adornment, but equally well-suited as a means to always have a few yards of cord on you.

So, what are your favorite paracord uses?

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  1. Nice to see you were able to get yourself out of that situation using paracord. I mostly use it for decorative purposes (you can find some of my ideas at The latest project I tried out was a paracord cross. Came out better than I thought it would.