Monday, July 22, 2013

Camp Liberty- A Call To Help Those Who Have Served

A gentleman came in, saw my Wounded Warrior Program shirt and asked if I was involved in WWP. I said I gave money, but was not active in other ways. The WWP shirts we proudly wear in the store were purchased for us by our owners to show our collective support for these soldiers.

The gentleman asked if I had heard of Camp Liberty. I had, just the other day in fact, for the first time.

I like to try to help those who have served our country.  Maybe we agree or disagree with our leaders in relation to our foreign policies, but these men and women didn’t make these policies, they just did their jobs as best as they could and are suffering from injuries as a result.

WWP helps returning veterans on a national level and that is gratifying. But we often do not see the local, close-to-home help that goes on.

Camp Liberty is a Manchester, Michigan based project on 137 acres of land. I could try to explain it here in detail, but they have a website that will give you their info directly. In a nutshell, they have teamed with a leading cognitive therapy organization to provide rehabilitation services to those who have “hidden injuries” like concussions.  It easy to see and recognize injuries such as paralysis, amputations and burns; but internal, cognitive injuries are a hidden problem.  Camp Liberty exists to help those with these hidden injuries and Camp Liberty needs our help in order to do so.

Check them out here…

Please consider donating generously of your time and/or money. Lastly, do not forget to include our soldiers in our daily thoughts and prayers.

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