Monday, September 2, 2013

Kuhl Change- The Little River Band Blog

I was listening to oldies rock on Sirius XM and Little River Band came on singing “Cool Change”. I always loved that song. Must be because I am a water person. It got me thinking of blogging about our new clothing line, Kuhl.

So, I took to the range wearing my Kuhl pants on the hottest day of the summer to wring the pants out. Literally wringing them out almost, it ended up. Reviewing Kuhl pants on a hot day. There's something else that's ironic. Quick, somebody call Alanis Morrisette.

So how did they do? I like them. Mine are the “Revolvr” pants which are made of a lightweight, yet durable fabric comprised of 26% nylon and 74% cotton. 

I liked the way they moved with me. Even when bending into a squat position they had good flex. Breathability was good, too. Going prone, the flat button design helps avoid digging into the stomach if you land on a hard object and makes the wearing of a sturdy gun belt less of a pain. The right hand thigh pocket is a good place for a cell phone, unless you will be doing strenuous activity. The roomy feel allows freedom of movement, critical when doing drills involving squatting, kneeling and tactical movement. After the range session they laundered well and showed no signs of damage.

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