Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Snow Geese

It is no secret that I like to hunt deer. Certainly, shooting them is an integral and important part of the whole thing. Beyond that though, what is important is the time alone with my thoughts to reflect, ponder, meditate and, as much as anything, to simply sit there and regard what is going on in the woods.

I love hearing the raucous, frenetic cries of the Canada geese as they wing overhead. They are like a band of unruly frat boys noisily returning to the frat house after a night of libations.

I also love to hear the snow geese on the rare occasions when they make an appearance. In contrast to the Canada geese, the snow geese have an eerie, forlorn cry that is one of the most lonesome sounds I know. The Canada’s song is more upbeat and vivacious and it energizes the soul to hear it.  The snow’s song is a beat or two slower.  It chills the soul with its sadness.  It is a plaintive reminder that the warmth of summer and the abundance of fall have ended and will be replaced with the long, cold, stark days of winter.

It seems their voices travel for miles.  I hear them long before they come into sight.  Finally, the flock materializes into sight always at dizzying heights. Despite the lonesome sound, the flocks are huge; many seeming to number hundreds of birds. Hearing and seeing them, it is as if each bird is alone amongst the huge flock.

Today as I sat in the woods I heard them. I never saw them, but their cries lingered for several minutes as they passed me heading south. After they could no longer be heard the woods hushed and there was nothing left but to think.

I reflected on how tomorrow is Christmas and how most of us will be joining our families for a big dinner and shared gifts. I then thought of our soldiers far away who would not be with their families.

It occurred to me that the soldiers were like the snow geese. They are deployed together with thousands of other young women and men with whom they have been assigned. Still, each of them is individually lonesome for the family they have left behind.

As we all gather with our families and friends, please take a moment and remember those who are stationed far away from their families.

On behalf of Mrs. Blog Sarge, Blog Puppy and me, I offer my prayers for a blessed Christmas.  As we celebrate God’s ultimate gift to us, please join me in praying that this time next year we will have His peace to celebrate as well.

Blessings to all.

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