Wednesday, November 5, 2014

EDC (Every Day Carry) Installment 1

I would like to take a moment to talk about every day carry (EDC). Most people assume this just means 
carrying a firearm. This is only a fraction of what EDC entails. In many cases, a firearm is not a requirement. 
In this first installment however, I will focus on armament and our options. 

Being armed has many meanings. While a firearm is the most obvious choice, it is not always the best. Certain establishments don't allow for carry. Certain situations don't make firearms a viable choice. Knives are the clear second choice, but like firearms they are restricted in certain situations.  In regards to knives, don't assume this means carrying a big scary knife designed for mortal combat.  Choose a practical knife that you are comfortable with.  Practical additions to your knife should include a seat belt cutter and glass breaker along with any sort of tool. For example, screwdrivers, wire cutter, wrenches and pliers.  Knives are an excellent choice because they require very little training to operate.

The most recent every day carry defensive object on the market is the tactical pen.  Little more than a disguised striking implement, various models of these pens have become a regular item in every day carry. As they are technically a writing tool, they are not restricted the same way guns and knives are.  In some cases, these pens also have other survival tools built into the such as flint or steel for fire starting. This makes them all the more valuable. As a tactical pen appears fairly innocuous, some may view someone as a soft target when they are not. As a defensive tool, they can double as a fist pack, modified kubaton or, with enough force, a puncturing device. With a little training, the damage that can be imparted is severe and can be very effective in stopping a threat.

The fourth option should be one that is part of your every day carry anyway: a flashlight. Modern flashlights are valuable for more than just illumination. With the addition of a strike bezel, they can be very effective defensive tools.  Also, with the impressive output of modern LED technology, they can disorient and even temporarily blind an assailant even in daylight.  Furthermore, most people don't carry with a weapon mounted light.  Even if they do, a single cell backup light should be carried as well, as pointing a firearm at an individual should be one's very last resort.

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