Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Products

Up until recently there have only been a few options in fore-end enhancements on modern battle rifles: the vertical grip, angled fore grip (AFG) and the hand stop. The last one plays more into the naked rail mentality, and in my opinion only really provides a reference point more than anything else. When I talk about a true enhancement, I am looking for something that allows for a natural grip angle while adding a means of mechanical advantage. Enter the kinesthetic angled grip (KAG) from Bravo Company USA and the new MLOK Angled Fore Grip from Magpul.

Created in conjunction with Haley Strategic Partners and 21st Century Gunfighter, the KAG blends the benefits of the vertical grip and the AFG. It mounts to either a standard 1913 rail or directly to the keymod system that BCM has invested heavily in. I would love to see an MLOK version, but I think Magpul has taken care of that with their new AFG. On the front , the KAG offers the same type of two finger rest utilized by most shooters who employ the C-grip. Much like the AFG, the KAG keeps the reaction arm low, preventing it from obscuring the periphery. It also allows for ergonomic employment of pressure switches.

Magpul's new MLOK mounting system  was designed as a lower cost alternative to keymod. The square cutout is simple to mass produce saving in the cost department. Side by side,the weight savings are negligible. For example, the difference between Midwest Industries SSK rail in MLOK and keymod is a .1 ounce variation. The new AFG is a direct attach variation of the old AFG, with a few tweaks. It is thinner and and has no cutouts. This makes it stronger yet lighter. The AFG provides a natural grip angle and positive retention in weapon manipulation and like the KAG is extremely ergonomic and comfortable.

Normally, when utilizing alternate firing positions is where these products lose ground with the vertical grip. Hand stops are usually too short and the AFG used to have to angled of a back to effectively hook in on barricades and body parts. Try employing "brokeback prone" with an old AFG and you will see what I mean. With these two new products however, the backs are flat and very easy to hook into. They are both sized appropriatly to allow you to hold a barricade and hook them with your thumb for a very solid shooting platform.

Having run both products, I can say they both impress and can work with a variety of shooting styles. I honestly feel they bridge a gap that I have been looking to fill, and am thrilled to see them come to the market. Having run them in competition and sporting applications, they have worked flawlessly. Come by and check them out soon.

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