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ANN ARBOR ARMS ACADEMY LAUNCHES NEW LESS LETHAL OPTIONS PROGRAM: Self defense classes now offered at Ann Arbor Arms Academy



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DATE:                March 2, 2016


ANN ARBOR ARMS ACADEMY LAUNCHES NEW LESS LETHAL OPTIONS PROGRAM Self defense classes now offered at Ann Arbor Arms Academy


Ann Arbor Arms Academy (A4) is pleased to announce an innovative Less Lethal Options (LLO) self-defense training program. The addition of the LLO program offers a non-gun-centric exploration of alternative life saving tools and self defense techniques. A4 brings to the classroom what alternatives one has to keep from being defenseless in situations where a firearm is not an option.

The Less Lethal Options program allows us to reach individuals who are either not interested in firearms or who cannot carry a firearm at their place of business or on school grounds said Director of Training & Development, Tatiana Whitlock.

Less Lethal Options programs include hand-to-hand self-defense, edged weapons defense, short stick and monkey fist classes, and pepper-spray courses.  An Introduction to Less Lethal Options class has also been launched to provide a comprehensive overview of what tools and types of training are available to individuals.

Leading the program as primary instructor is internationally recognized Japanese martial artist, author and Ann Arbor businessman, Nicklaus Suino. Considered one of North Americas foremost martial arts teachers, Suino is a leader in the Japanese martial arts community both in the United States and abroad. 

Partnering with local professionals and experts like Nick is a vital part of the A4 mission to support the Ann Arbor community said Ann Arbor Arms owner, Bill Pinon.

Catering to all skill levels from the extreme novice to the seasoned enthusiast, A4 offers Less Lethal Options programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels in a safe, structured and welcoming environment.

This is an opportunity to learn a range of self-defense options in an atmosphere of professionalism and respect.  Effective self-defense starts but doesnt end with firearms. At A4 you can learn to apply the fundamentals across the force continuum, said Suino.

In addition to teaching martial arts, Suino consults for businesses and individuals who want to improve their effectiveness using the physical, mental, and intangible principles of mastery. Suino believes that practice of the self-defense arts can have a profound positive effect on people's lives.

We are adding programs based on the needs of our students and members of the community. Being a college town, there is a strong interest in firearms alternatives and techniques in Ann Arbor. The LLO program is designed with leading experts in their fields to bring these options to the greater Ann Arbor community said Director of Training & Development, Tatiana Whitlock.

Ann Arbor Arms Background: Ann Arbor Arms (A3) is a family owned business that was created out of the enthusiasm and passion for shooting sports, coupled with the love and concern for the protection and well-being of friends and family.  Ann Arbor Arms was founded in 2012 in Ann Arbor, Michigan and has developed into what has now become the most premiere personal defense retail, educational, and firearms training facility in the United States.  A3 officially launched Ann Arbor Arms Academy (A4) in December of 2015. Ann Arbor Arms is in its newly constructed 25,000 square foot facility located at 45 Metty Drive in Ann Arbor.  The facility includes over 6,000 square feet of retail and classroom space, along with 24 indoor shooting lanes which includes a state of the art tactical training bay. While memberships that give access to exclusive training venues are available, one does not need to be a member to use the pistol and rifle ranges or attend A4 classes.  The A4 Less Lethal Options course descriptions and schedule can be found online at For more information on all A4 programs and instructors visit them at their location, 45 Metty Drive in Ann Arbor, Michigan or online at


Nicklaus Suino

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