Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Preparing- Gettin' Down on the Mountain

“How do you make others see it?” my friend asked. “It,” was the need to prepare.

Really, I don’t know the answer.  But my friend posing it had a good point. He was preparing for whatever occurred, but his friends and loved ones were not. So what should he do? Should he try to convince them? What is he morally obligated to do? Should he prep for non-preppers too, when he can hardly afford what he is already doing? If something happens how does he decide who to help and how much help to give?

And what about spiritual preparedness?  Many people have stashed away food, water, ammo, fuel, medical supplies, etc, but have we prepared ourselves for the ultimate end? Do we prepare and pray for God to save us from natural or man-made disasters, but not take steps to try to assure forgiveness when He causes the event and decides that he is ready for the final judgment?

Preparedness is a complicated idea and requires forethought. It is about more than food and water. It involves a balance of sustaining fuel needs, medical needs, water needs, communications needs and much more.

The recent events in the Philippines with the typhoon underscore that there is a need to prepare for natural catastrophes. Your own personal views on where we are as a civilization will dictate your feelings about how much concern you need to have about man made catastrophes. 

Either way, the likelihood of some sort of event forcing self-reliance for even a relatively short time is not unreasonable and should give cause for us to evaluate our level of being prepared against where we feel we should be.

And the time to do so is now before it happens. Drinking water, canisters of Wise emergency food, backup medical supplies, fuel for generators, ammunition for protection and hunting all are items that will be sold out in rapid order once something occurs.

No, you do not need to go over the top. But yes, you need to have some sort of preparations made.

In the end, it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and our families rather than relying on a government or others to take care of us. To prepare is responsible and patriotic and I believe should be mandatory. In the event of a large-scale national emergency, those who have not prepared will place a drain on resources that might overburden the government. And it will be unreasonable for them to expect to be bailed out.

I'm curious what plans others have and how much "charity" will be shown to those who do not prepare.

I’ll leave you with a little Corb Lund singing about this exact topic…

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