Saturday, November 9, 2013

Those Who Have Served

A while back, my wife and I loaded up and drove up to Door County, Wisconsin, through the Upper Peninsula and back down the west side of Michigan.

This summer, we spent a lot of time on our boat and traveled around northern Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

A couple years ago we flew one of the club's Cessnas up to Mackinac Island and Traverse City just for the fun of it.

Last Tuesday, thousands of people went to polling places and participated in a democratic process called free elections.

And you ask, "So, what the hell is the point Blog Sarge?"

The point is that we can do these things. Many people in this world cannot. The difference is that we are a free country.

Why are we a free country? It is because brave women and men from early in our history through into today have been willing to stand up for our freedom and our way of life and put their own lives at risk for the greater good. They had the guts to stand up to oppression, boldly say that we are endowed with rights and that these rights can not be taken away.

Monday is Veterans Day. It is a time for us all to think about the freedoms we enjoy and to give thanks for those who have answered the call to serve us.

Please give thought to offering to help those who served and gave of themselves for us.

Check out Camp Liberty and consider what these people have given us, think of what your freedom means to you, and then think of what you can give back to them.

Finally, don't forget to offer your prayers for these men and women and to give thanks for the blessings of freedom we enjoy.

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