Saturday, March 25, 2017

Secrets About Silencers

Shhh! A few “quiet” secrets about silencers that can make other’s hesitation can be your gain!
Many people continue to be “frozen” waiting for the new administration to take on and enact the Hearing Protection Act (HPA).  While not new news what you may not be aware is that with the recent softening and slowdown of suppressor sales there are a few positive things that have come out of it and some of our customers are starting to realize and take more advantage of them.
First off, we have seen incentives from the manufacturer’s like Silencerco direct to the consumer offering $200 rebates to use on their online store for clothing and accessories to help offset the tax stamp cost. AAC did this a few years back with great success in getting people to support their brand and Silencerco is starting to see the same thing.
The second “hidden” opportunity is the immediate availability of a broad selection of product.  It was almost unheard of in the past few years where we would have a selection of Surefire suppressors for more than a few days or integrally suppressed Gemtech 10/22 barrels sitting in the showcase.  Instore selection is awesome right now!
A third positive of the slowdown in suppressors sales nationally is the approval of stamps from the ATF seems to be getting faster with the lower volume.  The blockage of those trying to get Form 4’s in before the initiation of Executive Order 41-f last July is clearing up. We are seeing tax stamps roll in at a brisk rate lately. In fact, if the approval process stays at the rate it is you could buy a suppressor tomorrow and potentially get your stamp back in time for hunting season in November! (Don’t forget that Michigan has approved the use of suppressors for hunting…save your hearing and help make hunting season a little quieter).
A few things about Ann Arbor Arms Team you may not be aware of:  Our Compliance Team is ready to do the complete process for a Form 1 or Form 4 application.  If you buy it from us it’s at no cost to you, just another example of us wanting to provide excellent service and an experience you can’t get at other stores.  We appreciate your business.  The process isn’t quick, so we generally schedule appointments to ensure we can get you and anyone on your trust through it as quickly as possible.  We encourage you to consider getting more items at once, and although we will need to do multiple forms, pictures, prints and Form 4’s…you and anyone on your trust (if you have one) can schedule your time and go through the process less often for more NFA items.

Finally, if case you were not aware of this fact as well, if you buy a suppressor, sort barreled rifle, or shotgun from us did you know you can come and use it in our ranges before you get your stamp back?  Once the Form 4 is filed as long as we maintain position on our premises you can use your item!  We’ve seen quite an increase in our customers shoot their SBRs and suppressors while waiting for the stamps to be approved.  Just ask our staff for your item from our safe and return it when you’re done!  You own it, why not use it! For Member’s who have free ultrasonic cleaning it’s a great time to use those cards, or for those of you who don’t have coupons or are non-members you can still have your NFA items, or any guns for that matter, cleaned by us in our ultrasonic cleaner…just ask our staff for details.

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