Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Another way you “Experience the Difference” at Ann Arbor Arms

Lead management is something we take seriously at A3 and we go way beyond the OSHA requirements to keep a safe environment for our customers and staff.  We decided to share some of what we do with you after reading an article in the Concealed Carry July 2017 called “Are You Killing Yourself Slowly?”.  (You can subscribe to this or it is free when you purchase insurance through USCCA.

You can become contaminated with lead in three ways, touching it, breathing or ingesting it.  So what do we do to decrease your risk of exposure?  The first thing is we invested in the best possible ventilation system which uses pressurized air to move fresh air from where the shooter is to the back of the range by the traps,  where the air is vacuumed and particles are removed from the air before exhausting air back into the environment.  This system refreshes 26,000 cubic feet of air, the entire range, every 80 seconds.  After the air is vacuumed it is filtered through a multi-stage system to ensure the air is clean.  The lead that is collected through all of the described systems is recycled or disposed of using OSHA and EPA certified outside vendors.

Before entering our ranges, in our vestibules, we provide wash sinks with de-lead soap.  De-lead soap quickly and efficiently removes heavy metal dust, lead and other contaminants from the skin and hands.  We post signs to remind you to wash your hands.  When entering or leaving our ranges you will notice blue sticky mats that you will have to walk on.  This adhesive system removes lead and other contaminants from the soles of your shoes, so we ensure a clean safe environment outside the ranges.  Please be sure to wash your hands following shooting in the ranges.  The blue mats will take care of your shoes J.

A3 employees have developed a daily process for de-leading surfaces in our entire facility.  This includes but is not limited to using specific cleaning agents to wipe down, hepa- vacuum or wet mop surfaces of both the retail space and ranges. Annually we hire an outside contractor to monitor the air in all areas of our facility and to date we have seen that our investment and processes have paid off. 

Many of the steps we taken are not required by OHSA or Federal Laws but we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience to both our customers and staff, as well as ensuring we are environmentally safe.  This is just one more way you “Experience the Difference” at Ann Arbor Arms. 

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