Friday, October 4, 2013

Banning Old Guns- The "Ol 55" Blog

This blog is for the folks who aren’t into the modern military rifles and think that they are safe from anti-gun legislation. The, “I only use older guns so I’m not worried about them taking my guns” crowd.

I was thinking about older stuff in my gun safe. I was feeling kind of nostalgic. I thought maybe I’d take out some of the old guns for a shoot; an old Winchester 12 gauge pump gun that was my grandfather’s, a vintage Browning Sweet 16 gifted to me by my great uncle just before he passed away, an ancient Marlin .22 bolt gun.  I got to thinking that these were once modern, state-of-the-art guns. Some, like the Winchester pump, were acclaimed military weapons, serving in the trenches of World War I.

I started on this old gun train of thought while listening to an old Eagles album and singing along with “Ol’ 55.” In private, of course.

So, as I gazed at my once modern, now ancient guns, I thought about the attempts to ban military-type weapons and where it might stop if it got a foothold. Yeah, they want to get rid of our AR and AK type rifles, but will they stop there. Not just no, but hell no!

The Winchester 12 gauge did serve in WWI, WWII and later wars. The semi-auto Browning style is similar to military semi-automatics, the Marlin .22 bolt gun operates exactly the same as military sniper rifles even still in current use.

That old Winchester model 70 or Remington 700 your grandfather left you is exactly like that used so effectively by our military snipers as they keep watch over their brothers in arms.

That old revolver they left you works the same as the revolvers carried in wars by forces from around the world.

That lever action deer rifle that your great uncle left to you is the same design that was used in wars at the start of the last century.

The lesson, and the warning, is that we must be neither complacent nor divided. We must not adopt the attitude that ‘they’ only want to ban someone else’s weapons that are military by design. At the root, most any firearm today was either designed for, or adapted to, military use. The end game is to ban all private ownership of firearms and to disarm us all.

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