Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Muzzle Devices

Loyal readers will remember that I have built two ARs, one in 5.56 and of course the other is in my beloved 300 Blackout. Both shoot well and recoil isn’t much on either of them. Still, for quick rapid engagement follow-ups, something more than the plain flash hider was needed. So I consulted the resident guru of all things AR, Tactical Corporal.

I basically told him to get me what I should have. I kind of gulped at spending plus or minus a hundred or more bucks per gun for the muzzle device, but heck, it was in the interest of research.

The 300BLK got a Daniel Defense Muzzle Climb Mitigator.  For those needing details, this has a 16 inch fluted Wilson barrel and runs on a direct gas system.  The Daniel Defense critter comes in at about 70 bucks.

The 5.56 is also a 16 inch Wilson barrel with direct gas, this time un-fluted. As with any stock 5.56, it had a sharp but not strong recoil pulse.  Muzzle rise wasn’t dramatic, but it was enough to get you off target, slowing the follow up shots. Tac Corporal screwed a SureFire Muzzle Brake / Suppressor Adapter on the end for me to shoot.  This little feller runs just a bit shy of 150 bucks, but I think it well spent. Also, if I ever get a suppressor from SureFire, it will attach right to this device. (Santa, are you reading this!?)

The first day I had free to hit the range, I took a friend, we’ll call him the Mad Russian, and we had at it.

The difference in both guns was immediately apparent. The Mad Russian has a 5.56 16 inch AR with standard flash hider so we could compare side by side.

Holy crap, what a difference.  Accuracy appears to not have been affected for better or worse on either gun during slow fire. Follow up shots however were fast and rapid multi-shot engagements were quicker and yielded tighter groups. The Mad Russian is just getting into the AR platform and our trips to the range are largely instructional one on one sessions. I ran him through movement drills and multi-target drills with my gun and with his. So you ask, did he find the muzzle devices worthwhile? He stopped at the store immediately after the session and had Tactical Corporal screw one on his AR. ‘Nuff said!

As for the increase in noise to the side of the gun, I didn't notice it much at all with the SureFire on the 5.56 and the increase seemed modest in the 30 BLK.

We have these for the standard 5.56 thread as well as for larger 30 caliber bores. If your rifle barrel isn’t threaded, our gunsmith can hook you up there. We stock device from Daniel Defense, PWS, SureFire and a few others that I can’t remember right now.

See ya in the shop!

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