Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Too Many Guns- the "Going Straight (or not)" Blog

We were moving display cases around in the store. Boss Chick, Sig Gurl, Tac Sarge, Tech Dude and I were there.

A chipper voice piped up, “Hey, these cases are crooked. We should fix them”. It was Boss Chick. A.K.A., ‘Mrs. Obsessively Organized’. The lack of alignment offended her sense of order.

“You wanna know why they aren’t straight?” It was Sig Gurl posing the rhetorical question. We saw where this was going and waited for it….. “I did it”, she quipped a moment later.

So, why were we re-organizing the display cases at the sales counter, you might ask. Well, you might not actually ask, but I need the question to be asked in order to make my point. So, we’ll assume the question has been asked.

The short answer; we have too many damn guns. And we love it!

We have recently gotten in a crap-load of both long guns and handguns.  Sigs, Glocks, a KelTec KSG, two Springfield M1As, LWRCs, FN shotguns, Weatherby Shotguns, AR15s up the wazoo (and man that hurts), 10/22s in takedown and regular, Kahrs, a Ruger 1911…. Well, if you don’t have the idea by now, you aren’t going to get it if I ramble on.

So, we need help from our loyal friends. BUY SOME MORE GUNS! We’ve been having banner days lately. Business is great and sales are strong so we’ve laid in more supply of guns than I can remember ever stocking. If you haven’t been in lately, stop in again. I have to think that we’ll have something you didn’t even know you had to have.

Cheers, see you soon.

And here's what the wall looks like.

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